Pasta Carbonara
Just good old fashioned carbonara. Forget about that made up alfredo shit, this is really italian --Brought to you by the Pasta Mastah


Pasta of your choice (my fave is tagliatelle)
Cooking cream
1 egg
Onion (optional, but you will regret it if you dont add it)
garlic (optional)


Cook some pasta
meanwhile cut some onions, bacon and just a little bit of garlic. Then put them in a frying pan and cook then slowly and tenderly. When the onion is golden, add cooking cream to the pan and some salt. Immediately, break an egg and put it in the mix, then mix until the sauce is kind of yellowish. Let it cook until you see some bubbles and the sauce is denser. Then just put it with the pasta and mix it. Let the pasta soak in the sauce for 10 minutes while keeping the pot warm. You may add some cheese on top if you are into it (just dont be a dick and use cheddar, that thing doesnt belong here) Then take it out and enjoy the orgasms!
You are welcome :)