Cinnamon Honey Apples
Cinnamon, honey, cloves, and green apples (smuggled out of Fountain) make this a wonderful Peruvian dessert


Green apples (1 per person eating, or however many you can smuggle out of a dining hall)
Cinnamon bark
Whole cloves

If in the US: "Badia" brand in the Hispanic section of a supermarket is a cheap way to get good spices


Boil water in a pot with a lid

Core green apples: Use an apple corer and knife. Do not go all the way through the apple; make a hole through one side without piercing the other side.

Add 2 pieces of cinnamon bark to the inside of each apple

Add 2 or 3 whole cloves inside each apple (if you have them)

Fill each apple with honey

When water is boiling, add a bit of sugar to it

Add apples to the pot and close the lid. Keep the heat the same as before.

Wait 15 minutes for the apples to cook.

Done! Serve the apples with the juice. You can eat the whole apple, including the skin.